Deer Dragger Deer Sled

Please always remember to hunt safely. Although not it's intended use this product is also useful to remove a wounded hunter or dog from the woods, as it is based on the RescueLift Systems, LLC Tactical Patient Litter. 

Introducing the Deer Dragger. Using the same patented technology used in the RescueLift Systems, LLC patient litters. We have designed the Deer Dragger as a simple, easy to use, product to move downed game thru terrain.  With a wide tow strap, heavy duty construction, REPLACEABLE ballistic nylon bottom, and hand holds all around for easy lifting- moving deer, elk quarters, and moose quarters has never been easier. All of this in a 4 lbs Rolled up easy to carry dragger.

The bottom is made from extra strength ballistic coated nylon. However, with any drag device wear and tear is inevitable. With the Deer Dragger all you do is pull off the bottom and place another one on and your back in the woods.

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